Gratitude Notes

Linda is wise teacher who offers a safe and caring space to learn, to heal, and to inspire our creative lives into full being. I have experienced quantum leaps of healing and clarity in just one session with her and cannot fully put into words how much I value her subtle and insightful soul-transforming work, for the ripple effects are far-reaching. With Linda’s steady guidance, you will experience the alchemy of who you truly are come to life with ease, grace, and gentleness. What a gift for the soul!  

– Tina Karagulian,

We had an intuitive phone session with Linda to guide us in our business for 2012.  The information she gave us was incredible and powerful. The guidance she provides is on a deep spiritual level and like no other we have experienced.  She was able to provide clear guidance for our business but also us as partners and individuals. It is exactly what we needed to propel us forward and excel in 2012!  With much gratitude for your gift to guide others on their paths!

– Kim & Allison, The Lightfoot Way

Thank you so much for being my channel of healing on Monday night,  I can tell you that the last couple of days have been intense, but I have just been calling my guides and loved ones to aid me in my healing.  My write up for you is as follows. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

In the first moment I met Linda, I knew there was a special gift that she was blessed with.  It started when I picked a crystal pendant with my eyes closed and plunged my hand into a bowl of possibilities.  When
my hand surfaced back to the top, it was a crystal I would have never picked for myself, and her answer was people normally say that.  Well, I haven’t taken that necklace off, and after a short reading I knew I
needed to work with her on a deeper level.

I choose to create a new reality and clear some of the deep rooted issues that I was having within myself.  It is one of the most powerful and healing things I have ever done in my life.  I recommend this process to anyone looking deeper inside themselves to find their
highest state of true bliss and full potential.   Linda channels so clearly and with the love of a mother, and it is easy to let go and tap into your highest self.  Again, I cannot say enough how everyone needs to do this work if you have a particular pattern that you keep on running in your life, most of us know exactly what that pattern is and struggle for the release of it.  This work is that release.  So free yourself today and create a new reality for yourself, one in which you
are empowered on every level.

– E.D.  Austin, TX

I just wanted to pause and give you a word of deep gratitude for what you had done on Friday.
 I don’t know what to think of it, but it has profoundly affected my perspective in a positive way.  And after being impressed by you, I told friends what happened, and some of them became intensely intrigued.
I started devouring material about people with psychic abilities, and the skeptical part of me really resists but another channel has been opened to look out for signs from the spiritual world. Truthfully it’s challenging. Whatever my doubts, however, it doesn’t take away from the enormity of how I’ve been transformed — and will continue to grow going down this path. It was a massive paradigm shift, and that happens rarely in life.
How lucky am I to have met you that night! How fortunate and how… perhaps.. divinely planned. I’m starting to note in just how many ways, in a single day, God is winking at us and playing with us if only we were more aware of it.
I am still wearing the onyx around my neck.

– V.T.  Austin, TX

K loved her session with you. It was very powerful for her. I feel this is really going to catapult her. She has a lot to think about. So glad you got to work with both of my girls. I have so much love for them.  Thank you for the work you do!

– C.D.  Dallas, TX

Thanks for such a helpful and inspiring session.   I looked at your jewelry and it is really beautiful.   I saw this necklace and hope mine looks like something similar!

– T.F.  Boston, MA

I have worked with Linda Galvan for over a year in her Awaken your Light Academy and other classes.  Linda does an outstanding job of teaching; always bringing exactly what you need to hear in the moment~!  I highly recommend Linda’s teaching, as well as her private sessions as they have proven time over time to be very valuable to me and to my business~!

– Stacey Powers

I love you and appreciate you and am so very grateful for your beauty and expression and service in and  the world. Big Hilde/Amma hug to you.

– Dace  Austin, TX

Linda approached me a couple of weeks ago about holding readings at my store Marigold.  I agreed and she held her first reading on Sat,  Sept 17, 2011.  Since I had a couple of people ask me about her and her work, I thought it would be best for me to receive a reading from her.  That way I would be knowledgeable enough to speak about her when I had inquiries from my customers.
I must confess I was quite skeptical when I sat down for the reading.  As the reading progressed I found myself getting more and more impressed with Linda and what she was telling me.  I found it very illuminating and instructive and emotional at times.  I now have no hesitation in recommending her very highly.

– Lata Karna, Owner of Marigold 

I wanted to thank you for my reading on Thursday. I know we went a little over the time and I appreciate the extra offering of time out of your day you gave me to finish up.  My reading really put into perspective the things that are going on in my life that I couldn’t quite put it words to or figure out.  I continue to ask for clarity, understanding, and processing of the “things” you brought up so I can have better understanding on what to do and how to move forward in my life. I do see that receiving is a big lesson going on right now and feeling worthy to be the recipient.
I wanted you to know that your work is very much appreciated and I look forward to another reading in the future. I also wanted to let you know that I think you could charge more for your services. People will pay for the help that you are willing to provide and the insights that you have.

– S.E.  Ontario, Canada

I so dreaded the leadership meeting I had to go to this morning and knew I would get lots of flack from at least 2 of the 4 men in the meeting.  When I was asked to speak, I came from my feminine essence, my womb space and by golly, it felt so powerful!  I believe what I had to say was better received.  I am so excited about incorporating this into my being and definitely excited about the class.
Have a great week!

– Susan  Austin, TX

Wow thank Youniverse for bringing Linda Galvan into my life!! We had an amazing healing session today, and now I am following my Heart’s Path to a color light therapy conference in Montreal, where I have manifested the opportunity to share my art/ideas and healing with a worldwide network of lightworkers and shamans…. yayayay! Love and Magic to Us All!! ♥ Thank you, thank you! ♥

– A.B.S  Austin, TX

Linda is an incredibly gifted intuitive and she has helped me immensely, so I decided to take a chance and try her Art of Feminine Presence class.  In only five classes, I learned new ways of looking at myself and my relationships – things that truly make a difference in the way I approach each day. She gives simple, almost primal strategies, but the results are profound. Also, I was able to watch others in my group truly grow and transform. It was a beautiful experience, one that I recommend for anyone who is working toward their best, most radiant self!

– Karen  Austin, TX

Wow thank Youniverse for bringing Linda Galvan into my life!! We had an amazing healing session today, and now I am following my Heart’s Path to a color light therapy conference in Montreal, where I have manifested the opportunity to share my art/ideas and healing with a worldwide network of lightworkers and shamans…. yayayay! Love and Magic to Us All!! ♥ Thank you, thank you! ♥

– A.B.S  Austin, TX

Thank you so much, Linda. Great to hear how much people like this series!Although I am not near Austin to participate in your fun & nurturing gatherings & don’t communicate often, I wanted to let you know how much I love receiving your emails!
In addition to the wonderful series & calls you offer, they are imbued with such loving energy
(& humorous expressions) that they are a rare joy to read.Since the one session I had with you & in reading & listening to the Gene Keys series,
your work has profoundly broadened my spirituality & changed some of my views (& life).
I feel fortunate to be on this journey. Thank you for the work you do & for your loving & generous soul & offering a forum that can benefit our lives & illuminate our intrinsically spiritual nature.

– K Las Vegas

Thank you so much for the group session yesterday.  I felt a great amount of relief with a calmer mind throughout the rest of the day.

– Eric