Hi, I'm Linda!

I do not believe you are broken, dysfunctional or need fixing or healing in the traditional sense.  You are a sovereign, infinite, perfected Being of Light who has just FORGOTTEN the TRUTH of WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  You forgot your truth at a young age when you believed others opinions, beliefs and points of view.  I am here to assist you to REMEMBER the LOVE that you are so that you can tap into that LOVE within and serve from that place.  I hold you in the highest light as an already whole, complete and loving soul.  This is your actual truth.  I am here to assist you in clearing out all the lies, illusions, beliefs, attitudes and traumas that are blocking you from knowing, feeling and acting from that deepest truth of who you are.

More About Me

I am a MASSIVE Life Transformation Personal Growth Facilitator and Guide serving spiritually-minded women and men in mid-life and beyond who are ready to reach the higher levels of their soul calling and life purpose but feel stuck or unable to move forward in the direction of their more sacred desires.

I trained traditionally in the field of psychology and have a Masters and Doctoral Training in Educational Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.  I worked for almost 20 years with children, adolescents, families, schools, and systems delivering mental health services to at-risk populations which included crisis intervention and trauma work.

I became increasingly frustrated with traditional modalities that offered little to no change or relief from suffering and took the DIVINE SOURCE out of the equation.  All life change has a spiritual foundation.  I believe it is impossible to authentically change/choose your life if you deny your Divine spiritual origins.  My gifts of the Spirit have awakened over the past 15 years after praying for the ability to be a true and pure channel of DIVINE’s healing grace.  I am Claire-Audient (I hear), Claire-Cognizant (I know), and Claire-Voiyant (I see) and Claire-Sensient (I feel).  In truth, we all have these abilities.  I was just called to served from this place of knowing.

I choose to live my life as an example and not as a hypocrite.

If you have been drawn to this site, it is no mistake.  The Divine has heard your prayers and your soul is yearning for the healing Grace that is here for you.